Architecture Social Club x Max Cooper - AETHER


Aether is a spatial audio-visual collaboration between musician Max Cooper and architects Satyajit Das and Regan Appleton. 

It plays on the beauty of fundamental natural forms - waves, surfaces, symmetries and surreal landscapes, as the building blocks and underlying structure of the world around us - a modern interpretation of the luminiferous aether.

Aether comprises a 3-dimensional lattice of light, mapped to a live immersive audio experience. The audience can walk around, underneath and fully explore the space as the light-field warps around them, playing on the connection between spatial and sonic structures, and our intrinsic emotional connection to fundamental natural form.

This is all live footage, no CGI was used.

Director: Satyajit Das 
Music: Max Cooper
Designers: Architecture Social Club + Regan Appleton 
Visual Content: Max Cooper + Satyajit Das
Engineer + Animator: David Gardner
DoP: David Gardner
Colour: Toby Tomkins
Editor: Jennifer Tividad